Customized evaluation of categories with the DAX function RANKX

The Power of Data For Success

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, also known as Navision or Business Central, the ability to effectively analyze and organize data is critical to the success of a business. A common question is: How can you rank categories or items according to a specific metric such as revenue? This is where RANKX comes in, a powerful DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) feature that allows you to score and sort items based on a metric. In this article, we'll look at how you can use RANKX to organize and analyze your data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

What is RANKX?

RANKX is a DAX function in Microsoft Power BI, Excel Power Pivot and of course in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Navision and Business Central. This function orders items in a column based on a calculated scale. You can use RANKX to sort products by sales or rank customers by purchase frequency, for example.

Step-by-step guide: Rate categories by revenue

Step 1: Use the RANKX function Suppose you want to rank your products by sales. You need to create a RANKX measure. Here is a simple example:

Rank by Sales = RANKX(ALL('Products'), [Total Sales])

In this example, we use the "Rank by Sales" measure to rank products based on their total sales. Note that "ALL('Products')" is used to ensure that all products are considered, regardless of other filters or slicers.

Step 2: Use the RANKX measure Now you can use the Rank by Sales measure in your report or visualization. For example, if you want to create a bar chart, you can place the products on the X-axis and the Rank by Sales measure on the Y-axis. This will give you a clear idea of how your products are performing compared to sales.

Step 3: Adjustments and visualizations Depending on your requirements, you can further customize the RANKX measure. For example, you can change the sort order by using "ASC" (ascending) or "DESC" (descending). In addition, you can customize the visualization to display the data in an appealing way.


Using RANKX in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Navision and Business Central is a powerful way to score and sort categories or items based on a scale. This enables businesses to make better decisions and gain insights from their data. Whether it's evaluating products, customers or other aspects of your business, RANKX offers a flexible and effective solution.

To learn more about how to use RANKX in your reporting and analytics, Microsoft provides comprehensive training materials and resources. Use this feature to optimize and improve your business in Dynamics NAV, Navision, and Business Central.