Projects and use cases

To give you an idea of how Business Intelligence can be used, we have collected various example use cases from our everyday work here. Of course, there are no limits to creativity - as long as the raw data is available in the company or externally in some form, we can automate any calculation. There has not yet been any data that we could not connect.

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  • Which customers have not paid which invoices?
  • From which customers do I claim the money first so that I create liquidity as quickly as possible?
  • When do I need to transfer money from one account to the other so that there is money in each account?
  • Income statement with prior-year comparisons, plan comparison and drilldown to detail postings
  • Cost center reports in which each department manager can see how much money he is still allowed to spend with drill-through to individual postings
  • Totals and balances list
  • Balance
  • Do my suppliers' invoices match my own system's calculations?
  • Which products are profitable, and which are not?
  • Who is exceeding their budgets? Actual costs vs budget
  • How many kilograms of which packaging material did my company put into circulation? => Calculation of reports according to the Packaging Act
  • What quantities do I need to purchase and when to meet our customers' needs?
  • Are my master contracts being utilized?
  • Supplier evaluation: With which suppliers did I have how many product complaints?
  • When / what do I need to restock, what to reorder?
  • Warehouse Disposition
  • Purchase planning
  • Production planning (exploded via production BOMs)
  • Range calculation
  • Automated calculation of business goals / KPIs with comparison to plan
  • What core products should my business focus on?
  • How much turnover do we make? What are the costs compared to that? How is this divided between the product groups and the business units?
  • If I spend EUR 1,000 on sales, how much EUR will come back as net profit next year?
  • Tax planning: How do I formally adjust my business activities during the year to save taxes?
  • How many servers and clients do we have with which operating system?
  • Is an antivirus program and Advanced Thread Protection actually installed on all computers in the company?
  • Which Azure components incur which costs, and how much of that can I charge to other departments?
  • Which department is responsible for how much of the IT team's workload? Can I even fulfill all tasks with the current team, or do I need new employees?
  • Do I need as many user licenses as I have today, or can I do without some?
  • How many of my operating systems are still supported by Microsoft?
  • Do all sites meet the compliance criteria for ISO audits?
  • Which items should be produced in which order?
  • Are my machines at 95% capacity, or only at 50%?
  • What is the health rate among my employees, and how is it developing?
  • How much commission have I already earned?
  • What do I know about the customer I'm about to visit? What products does he buy, what else could I offer him? Does he always pay his bills on time?
  • Have I taken care of every one of my top-selling customers lately?
  • Plan vs Actual vs Prior Year
  • How many new customers have I acquired? How do new customers develop compared to existing customers?
  • Which customers are making less sales this year than last year? What could be the reasons for this?

Our projects typically look like this: we are commissioned either by the management directly or by individual department heads. It is always about the automated evaluation of data.

The following small Power BI evaluation interactively shows project examples we have worked on. If you click on an industry, technology or activity, the whole page filters on it. If you then click again on the same place, the filter is removed (this is the default behavior of Power BI):