Data Stories

Data Stories - tell us your story!

1,000€ prize money for your Data Story - enter the story contest now! 


Automated data analysis can save millions. It's often the simple things that make a big difference. Tell us your personal data story!

What have you experienced on the subject of data? What was the best, what was the worst, what was the funniest thing that happened to you with it? Did you have exciting AnecdotesWhere have reports and dashboards changed your world? What impact has a single report had on your work, on your profits, on your life? Or have you also had Breakdowns, Crises and Setbacks? We want to know now!

You send us your personal story, and among all participants will be raffled per calendar year:

  1. Place: 500€
  2. Place: 300€
  3. Place: 200€

Send us your story here - as text or video, with or without pictures!


Conditions of participation:

  • The draw takes place every January for the respective previous calendar year by computer in the 4-eyes principle with written protocol
  • the story must have been written by a person in german language
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • No names of third parties may be mentioned, or implicit conclusions about third parties may be possible. Instead, you are welcome to use your own invented names.
  • If company, brand or product names are mentioned, the author is responsible for deciding whether they may be mentioned.
  • The legal process is excluded
  • Participation and consent can be revoked at any time by sending an email to the contact address given in the imprint.
  • Winnings can only be paid to persons with permanent residence in Germany