Profit and loss analysis with Power BI and Zebra BI

Maximize the effectiveness of your financial reporting with our modern profit and loss statements that integrate Business Central/Dynamics NAV a reach a new dimension. By integrating Zebra BI visualizations into Power BI, combined with the comprehensive data management capabilities of Business Central/Dynamics NAV gives your financial data an unparalleled level of clarity and depth. This combination enables you to make quick and well-founded decisions and to optimize the pricing of your products or services. 

With our solution, you have the flexibility to choose the visualization platform that best meets your needs. Whether you prefer the robust features, simplicity and familiarity of Power BI visualization or the advanced capabilities of Zebra BI integrated with Power BI, the choice is yours. 

Our goal is to provide you with options that match your preferences to ensure you have the right tools to make informed decisions and gain unparalleled insight into your financial performance. 

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Zebra BI Improved profit and loss statement:

Immerse yourself with our Zebra BI Dashboard into the details. The customized Zebra BI visualizations offer a dynamic and interactive journey with unparalleled granularity through Your key financial figures. The graphics comply with the IBCS rules and ensure consistency and Recognition, and intuitively delivere, crystal clear information. 

The P&L Zebra BI page of the Power BI Profit and Loss report provides a bird's eye view of your P&L for a selected date range. It displays the following key information:

  • Actual income or expenses by main account groups such as "Turnover", "Other turnover", "Sales of goods" and more, plus further breakdowns into the Unterggroups such as "Revenue from the sale of goods", "Consolidated revenue" and other reporting groups. 
  • Cost per revenue by month to analyze and understand the relationship between revenue and the costs incurred to generate that revenue.  
  • Advanced comparisons: Easily compare current performance to prior periods with intelligent variance visualizations.
  • Interactive dashboards: Leverage data through interactive elements that respond to your queries and filters. Navigate seamlessly through your insights with the arrows on the side - a gateway to transformative visualizations. With a simple click, you can turn your visual landscape into a matrix table, taking information density to a whole new level. 
  • Individual AnalyzesGet clarity on your financial status with clear charts and tables tailored to your goals. 

Power BI profit and loss statement:

This Power BI income statement was created with familiar layouts for users. This report provides a side-by-side comparison with our Zebra BI version, so users can easily compare the individual Features of the two tools Understand can. While retaining the standard visualization of Power BI, this report highlights the different approaches of both Solutions. You forms the basis for a differentiated assessment and illustrates the different approaches that each platform takes to providing financial data. 

  • Actual income or expenses by main account groups such as "Turnover", "Other turnover", "Sale of goods" and more, plus further breakdowns into the main account groups. Groups such as "Revenue from the sale of goods", "Consolidated revenue" and other reporting groups. 
  • The difference between the actual profit and loss performance and a comparative amount according to accounts. 
  • Total costs and total revenue by month to assess overall financial performance, make informed decisions and ensure the long-term sustainability and profitability of a business. 
  • Consistent layout: Maintain familiarity with widely used Power BI layouts and charts. 
  • Integrated functionality: Use the integrated functions in Power BI for a seamless and user-friendly experience. Benefit from built-in functionality that allows access from anywhere and is optimized for use on phones and tablets. Dabout In addition, you can use functions such as drill-through to a specific transaction on the detail page, or you can use data for a selected Visualization export. 

Details thanks to Drillthrough:

The detail page provides a detailed analysis of the underlying bookings. With the drill-through function, you can drill down to the underlying data that underlies your top-level summaries. underlying data more closely. Gain insights into individual account details, transaction histories and more. 

The "P&L details" page shows each individual transaction that forms part of the total actual figure on one of the other report pages of the income statement 

The page consists of a visual reset button if you want to see the overall summary and a back button to navigate to the previous page. 

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