Summer party 2024: A day full of surprises and team spirit

On Sunday, June 23, 2024, data4success GmbH held its annual summer party, and it was a day we all won't soon forget. With bright sunshine and high spirits, our teams and their families came together for a special event: the SharingPlate Surprise Tour.

A culinary adventure in Frankfurt

To ensure that the festival was interesting for both adults and children, we opted for the Surprise Tour. This took us through various restaurants in Frankfurt's city center, where we had the opportunity to try a variety of dishes. From exotic starters to delicious desserts - there was something for everyone. The tour was not only a feast for the palate, but also a wonderful opportunity to discover new flavors together and laugh a lot.

Strengthening team spirit and family ties

A summer party like this is more than just a chance to eat and drink together. It's a valuable opportunity to strengthen team cohesion and learn more about colleagues in their normal lives outside of work. By getting to know their families, we deepen our relationships and create an even stronger sense of togetherness.

We were particularly pleased to see our dear colleague Gayathri again, who is currently on parental leave. It was great to see her and her family again and to find out how she is doing. Gayathri entertained us with exciting stories from her new everyday life as a mother and infected us all with her cheerful smile.

Sweet surprises with a special meaning

Our boss Fabian had prepared a special surprise for us: Each of us received a lollipop bearing the logo of data4success GmbH. These lollipops looked and felt like medals - as a reward for what we had achieved and accomplished throughout the year. And of course they tasted great too! This small gesture reminded us that our hard work and dedication is appreciated and that we are all an important part of the team.

A day full of joy and community

The summer party was a complete success and showed us once again how important such shared experiences are. They not only promote team spirit, but also ensure that we feel even more closely connected as a large data4success family. A big thank you to everyone who was there and made this day so special. Special thanks also go to SharingPlate for the fantastic organization of the Surprise Tour.

We are already looking forward to the next winter festival and are excited to see what surprises await us then!