Evaluate Corona infections in PowerBI

The Power of Data For Success

Here is an example of how the current Corona figures can be evaluated in Power BI. The numbers update daily based on the data published on The evaluation has 4 different pages at different aggregation levels. By clicking on the bars you can filter everything else on each page.



You can download the corresponding PowerBI file free of charge from here download. If the download does not work, I can send it to you by e-mail. Everybody is allowed to use, modify and publish the file as he likes, under the condition that the source information of the underlying data is mentioned there, and furthermore a link to persists.

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Data source

The data is collected daily from read out.

A detailed description of the underlying data can be found here:

The thanks goes to esri, Germany's leading service provider of geodata analysis software, which in cooperation with the Robert Koch Institute provides the daily updated data of the data set "RKI_COVID19" used here.